Τhe apparent immobility of the photographic art can emphasize the touch.

It is an attempt to transfer through photography the way that people express their inner self.

Freezing a touch creates tension and emotion.


This project is in progress and is themed around the unique and special features of a person.

Diversity and importance especially in the era in which we live with is what made me to choose this subject..


The individual is the topic of this project.
The individual that is in dialogue with the surrounding photographed.
His social role is something that interests me.


The lonely path of mankind led me to initiate this project.
The individual as a traveler in the world.
The man trying to achieve self-awareness.


I use selected persons every time to convey human anxiety about life and survival.

The human ability to resist, despite the minimum happy moments is what surprises me!

The idea for this work has nothing to do with the person but what lies behind it…


My participation in the mobilizations regarding the popular demand for democracy and the movements against the crisis brought me face to face with my concerns on the role of the artist in modern society.
This work was carried out during the five years of massive mobilizations in Greece in 2008-2013.
These photographs were published in newspapers or magazines or posted online in news portal.


A project that was methodically worked for about 15 years.
My concerns about the loss of childhood innocence, the integration of a child into our society and how do we (as older) interact with children was the impetus for this project.